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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
When Francis is peeking in the window
the doctor is sleeping with his chin rested on his cane.
The somnambulist Cesaré was surely inside the coffin-like box.
However, a monster that looks exactly like Cesaré
has just sneaked into Dr. Olsen’s daughter’s bedroom.
He was going to stab the lady deeply with a sharp dagger
At the instant Cesaré flung up the knife
his attitude changed suddenly.
At the moment when he saw the face of the beautiful sleeping lady.
After all, the masculine blood was running in Cesaré's body.
In spite of himself, he extends his arms.
A screaming daughter! He clasps her to his side with ease.
What was that?
Certainly, just now, we heard the scream of a woman.
How is our young mistress doing?
Ah! Over there! There he goes!
There is no way humanly possible!
While clasping the lady to his side
a strange man is fleeing along the rooftops.
Still, Dr. Caligari is sleeping.
And the sleeping man is sleeping in that box.
However, a monster that looks just like the sleeping man,
he has kidnapped the lady and fled.
But on the way, having run out of steam
the monster deserted the lady and ran away.
For a little while
the monster that resembled Cesaré was walloping.
And he finally lost power and fell down onto the ground.